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The Mugs Fullerton

Quality coffee with a homey experience seems near impossible to find these days. We hope to provide these experiences to all coffee and home made baked good lovers. We thrive to provide quality ingredients with house made syrups (some, like lavender and simple syrup), house made jams and cheese creams and house made delicious cookies, scones and croffles. 

For most coffee drinks we use our single origin Brazilian 84 pt bean. You can choose from a variety of beans for specialty coffee pour overs as well. For americano, and cafe latte you can choose from 2 choices.

For non coffee drinks, we use quality milk, teas, ceremonial matcha and house made organic purees. 

All our baked goods are also all made in house, jams, and cream cheese are made with organic ingredients as well.

The Mugs Fullerton is a space that can fit all types of customers for relaxation, study or a meeting place. Hope we can be part of your daily routine of great coffee, beverages and snacks. and a part of daily routine to have the best beverage, food, and experience possible. We welcome everyone to come and experience The Mugs.

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